Sep 28

Preparing to speak in International Conference held by ICLRS at BYU, Provo-Utah

Schedule of ICLRS Symposium 2012

The International Center For the Law and Religion Study is inviting me and giving the opportunity to present and speak on Annual Conference with topic “Religion, Law and Civil Society” at BYU (Brigham Young University) -PROVO , UTAH on 7th October until 9th October 2012.Participants of the conference will come from around the world such as US, Germany, the Netherlands, Columbia, UK, Ghana, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia, etc nevertheless Indonesia.

In this conference, I will present my paper with the title:


Towards a better protection of the right to freedom of religion and belief[1]

Abstract of my paper is mention bellow:

Freedom of religion as part of human rights that are fundamental and may not be derogated under any circumstances. However, along with the determination of the Indonesian state to realize a democratic constitutional state, the fact is there are various forms of violations of religious freedom which the state is frequently absent or fail to prevent the violation. The emergences of various laws that tend problematic and discriminatory significantly distort it back to what guaranteed and recognized by the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 as well as international agreements that has been ratified by Indonesia. In addition, it is considered to be triggered various forms of violations of religious freedom, even used as a basis for stakeholders to discriminate against minority groups, or to criminalize certain groups. Therefore, it takes both legal and non legal breakthrough to optimize harmonization and synchronization of international legal standards within various regulations in dealing with the right to freedom of religion in Indonesia.

Keywords: regulation, the right to religious freedom, harmonization, synchronization

[1] Paper presented in the Conference on “Religion, Democracy, and Civil Society,” to be held on October 7-10, 2012, at Brigham Young University, Provo, utah, United States.